'It’s an impressive, witty, dance of materials with detailed function.' - Melanie Craig

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What do we mean, when we say, 'Design is like a Dance'?

Interior architecture and design is about exploring space together. Finding out what works. Looking for ways to connect aesthetic with emotion, form with function.

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As with dance, when you have a great partner, you can do more. You feel safe, as you explore the boundaries of what is possible - you can feel elevated, even step outside your zone of comfort and you always land well.

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Our process

Our process

We work closely with you through a series of design meetings during which we will typically put forth two or three different solutions for your space.

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Our philosophy

We love pushing the boundaries with our forward-thinking approach. We design first with you in mind, then for your family and friends.

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Our team

Of our six design partners, each has their own disciplines. Together, we facilitate and educate our clients throughout the design journey.